Volume Lash Online Training

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When you enroll in LABK's Online Volume Lash Course, you will learn Kins’ signature volume techniques with a curriculum specifically designed to mold you into a Lash Artist, not just a Lash Tech. This is a detailed video lash course where you will learn advanced volume techniques. The ability to see the process take place makes all the difference.

This class is filled with 6 videos that you can play, rewind and pause until you've mastered the lesson working at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, you will have a maximum of 10 days access to the course.

Join the lash industry and offer your clients the art of Volume lashing.  Whether you are an experienced lash artist looking to improve or you are a new lash artist starting your lash career you have came to the right spot. Kins has mastered volume and is teaching you how to lash just like her. this course is heavily filled with all the information you'll need to be successful right in the comfort of your own home. 
What you will learn:

Course Curriculum

  • Volume Lash Theory
  • Advanced Volume Lash Curl, Length and Diameter Knowledge
  • Eyelash Anatomy and Growth
  • Product and Tool Expertise
  • Advanced Tweezer Practices & Isolation  
  • Advanced Application Techniques (Pinch Method & Crystalizing) 
  • Advanced Adhesive Placement & Care 
  • Consultations & Preparation Before Appointments
  • Advanced Reactions and Sensitivity Knowledge 
  • Creating the Perfect Needle Fans
  • Kins’ Advanced Fanning Methods
  • Proper Hygiene and Safety
  • Reactions & Patch Test Expertise 
  • Advanced Lash Mapping and Styling 
  • Lash Health Knowledge 
  • Volume Aftercare Techniques
  • Client Retention  Proper Isolation and Taping Techniques
  • Proper Aftercare 
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Full Volume Course
6 Quizzes
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VIP $999
Full Volume Course
6 Quizzes
Volume Essentail Kit Included ($364)
1 Hour Virtual Call With CEO Kins 
Endless Mentoring With Kins
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Downloadable PDFs
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