LIVE WEBINAR: 10/15 How to Start Your Own Lash Company

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Learn how to build a 6 figure lash brand and turn your dreams into reality, I has spent the last 3 years building up a lash company from nothing, I have went through all the ups and downs business can throw at you and now im telling you exactly what to do (and what not to do) because I wished I had someone to tell me exactly how to do it when I started! This class is a once in a lifetime chance to really change your life.

If you focus on all your obstacles you will always find a reason to not start, the truth is, i wish I started sooner.


In this webinar on October 15th, I will cover the following: 

-Lash vendors- how to pick them and which ones to avoid 

-Vendor relationship / Net 30 terms 

-Winning products 

-Marketing strategies 

-Packaging and PR 

-Multiple streams of incomes 

-Absolute must haves 

-Cash management 



-Social media 

-Who to hire and when 

-Building a team

-How many employees you NEED

-Overhead cost and how to keep it low


The value of this class will FAR exceed the price of admission.

It took me years and year and a lot of capital to learn and understand this. Let me make this clear: it is absolutely NECESSARY to know this!


Note- there will be a Q&A, so please come prepare with questions and ready to take notes!!