Lash Protective Sealant

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With the increasing popularity of eyelash extensions, more and more women are focusing on beauty services and care. Our Lash Sealant was produced out of necessity for both the natural lashes and the lash extensions. Our Lash Protective Sealant will add shine to the eyelash extensions while creating a protective barrier against dust, sweat, water, oils, make up and other debris which will maximize to extend the life and protection of the eyelash extensions. 

We recommend our Lash Protective Sealant as an aftercare product that can be retailed to your clientele and used on a daily bases to prolong the retention and life of their sets. Our Lash Protective Sealant is to be applied 48 hrs AFTER the application process, and is to be increased if you participate in actives that involve excess perspiration, steam or water.

(Suggested Retail Price- $55)
Purchase 10 pack at $31.60 each and make $235 by selling to your clients at retail!
-Cruelty Free
-Oil Free
-Dermatologist tested 

Ingredients- Distilled Water, Teflon Resin, Ethanol, Phenoxyethanol

Customer Reviews

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Melanie B.

This product is seriously amazing I use it after every client with a few seconds of the most let me tell you retention is unbelievable 💗 highly recommend