Part 1

As Lash Artists and Beauty professionals, you must FULLY understand the industry you are in to maximize your income and reach your full potential.

Join Kins as she breaks down the Luxury Lash Industry and the value behind it. In this 1-2 hour webinar, Lash Expert Kins will show you everything you need to know about the opportunity awaiting you.


Part 2

Bringing value to your clients and students is essential for long term success in the Lash Industry.

Join Lash Expert Kins as she discusses the most important Info about adding value while lashing to guarantee your success.


Part 3

In order for you to flourish in the Lash Industry, you must understand how to bring in multiple streams of income. No one ever became rich from 1 income! In this economy, you can’t afford to miss this!!

Join Kins in this webinar to learn how you can make more $$$ as a Lash Artist or Beauty Pro.


Part 4

Did you know that 90% of businesses fail because they don’t understand the back end of how to run a successful company? 

In this webinar, Kins will break down everything you need to know about legitimizing your business and running it smoothly. This will include LLC formation, taxes, proper filing, who to hire, etc.


Part 5

Business credit is SO important, and if done correctly can change your business extremely fast! 

If you want to learn from an expert on how you can build your business’ credit one step at a time, this is the webinar for you! Don’t miss this one.



More webinars will be announced soon! If you have any ideas for topics, please let us know!


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