The Lash Bible: Lash Retention E-Book

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The Lash Bible: Part 3 (Guide to Perfect Retention)

Retention is one of the most under-talked about subjects in our industry. It’s also a topic that is unclear to a lot of lash artist around the world who unfortunately struggle with how to graps such an important element to their business. In part III of the Lash Bible, i am revealing the ins and outs of retention and how you can maximize it. Helping to make sure that every lash artist around the world understands completely and throughly what retention is and how you can guarantee it to every client that comes to you. This is the knowledge that will change your business. 


What you'll learn:

•What is retention
•How retention can be maximized
•What affects retention
•How can YOU can achieve perfect retention
*Disclaimer this is not a lash course. This is a digital e-book for retention*
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