Luminous Bond Adhesive

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Our Luminous Bond is both a volume and classic Adhesive designed to make lashing easier! can be used by beginners and experts. it is low in fumes, latex free and has a thin viscosity.

This Adhesive works best in humidity between 55%-65% and temperatures 64-75   

Dry time- 2-3 seconds

Retention- 5-7 Weeks

Latex free

Low fumes

Color- Gloss black 

Viscosity- Thin



-After opening store in our Adhesive Container.

-Before opening, keep inside in a cool place.


ethyl cyanoacrylate, PMIMA, Carbon black



This adhesive is for professional use only!

Shake for one min. before each use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Anna Calf

Still have not received my items yet.

Hello Anna!
Thank you for shopping with us! We thank you for your patiences as well, international shipping can take longer and unfortunately we do not have any control over shipping times overseas! We are so happy you received your order!! If we can help assist you with anything please reach over via email!

Mayra F.

I’m having trouble with the glue. I’ve changed the humidity and temp of my room. It’s frustrating

hi Mayra! sent you an email! we'd be happy to help you find the right glue for your environment


Love this adhesive! Just a heads up, use the little needle cap provided to pierce a hole through the tip of the adhesive after opening, I thought the tip was just clogged and it wasn't hahaha but seriously, I was having retention issues with the other adhesives I was trying and this was the first adhesive that gave me great retention! The consistency is great as well! 10/10 would highly recommend! Once I get my speed up I will definitely be trying the other adhesives from Lashes by KINS!

Thanks for the review! We are so happy you are loving Luminous Bond!!

Yajaira L.

Best retention

Marlene H.

I love the Luminous Bond Adhesive! It is one of my go to’s when lashing my clients. It dries pretty quick and bonds the lashes perfectly. It has worked for me so much and I’ve gotten better retention results as suppose to other adhesives I’ve used in the past . I really recommend this adhesive specially if you’re new to the lash industry for better retention ! If I would’ve known about LBK brand and their adhesives when I first started lashing 3 years ago, it would’ve made my life easier ! I’m so glad I discovered them :)