Easy Fan Lash Collection

LBK Easy Fan Lashes are our innovative approach to easy fan lashes made with high quality materials and simplicity in mind. We have designed our lashes to provide the best experience while maintaining the comfort and ease that easy fan lashes are known for. With every purchase, you will receive high-quality lashes that look great and are made to last!

What Are LBK Easy Fan Lashes?

Easy fan lashes are a type of lashes that are made to speed up your process and provide a perfect and consistent look with great volume. Made with an existing glue base, LBK Easy Fan Lashes make it possible for you to fan and pinch them with ease, so you can always create the perfect look for your clients. With these lashes, you can skip a good portion of the pre-work and get right to making your clients look absolutely amazing!

Are Easy Fan Lashes Good Lashes?

There is a chance that you have, at some point, heard that easy fan lashes are not as good as traditional lashes. This is actually not true, but these myths are common for two reasons–poor quality and a lack of education.


The quality of easy fan lashes is not always a promise with certain brands, especially if you go back to when they were first introduced. Fortunately, brands like LBK have taken easy fan lashes to the next level by introducing high-quality materials and products that always deliver.


There is also a common myth that anyone can apply easy fan lashes without training, and this is not true. This myth contributes to a high volume of bad experiences. Easy fan lashes do speed up the process and make it easier, but they are still designed for expertly trained lash artists. With that being said,

they are also beginner-friendly if you are learning how to do lashes for the first time while training.

Types of Easy Fan Lashes

Our easy fan lashes are available in four different styles. Every collection has something different to offer, so be sure to explore your options to find the right fit for you and your clients.


Our Options Include the Following:

Signature 2.0

What Sizes Do You Offer?

LBK Easy Fan Lashes offer support for different volume preferences, so you can make sure that you have a look that suits the needs of every client.


Our Options Include the Following:


Who Are LBK Easy Fan Lashes Right for?

LBK Easy Fan Lashes are a great match for any trained lash artist at any level. Beginners often find that learning with easy fan lashes is a really simple and comfortable process. However, our lashes are used by professionals ranging from beginners all the way to experts. LBK Easy Fan Lashes work well for anyone who wants to save a little time and create a beautiful multi-layered look with plenty of volume.

The LBK Difference

At LBK, we believe that there is nothing more important than improving the quality and integrity of the lash industry. For this reason, we are proud to offer lashes and accessories that meet the highest standards for quality and ease of use. As the perfect partner for our lashes, we also offer dedicated coaching and training so you can make sure that every purchase is put to good use and looks great on your clients. Our owner, Kins, is a professional lash artist with years of experience who only provides products and services that she is comfortable using herself.