Mini Bundle

$60.00 USD
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Our best selling products are now available in a bundle!



Bundle Contains:

1 x 3mL Lush Bomb Adhesive ($48 value) or Luminous Bond Adhesive ($38 value)

1 x 5mL Glue Mate ($12.50 value)

1 x 3mL Seal the Deal Lash Sealant ($12.50 value)




Our Glue Mate is a staple in your application process.

Do you struggle with controlling your environment and humidity?

Take your lashing and retention to the next level with LBK Glue Mate.

Glue Mate was designed to make your lashing experience easier and faster by its ability to speed up curing time in uncontrollable conditions. when your humidity gets too low or too high Glue Mate is there to give you a hand! It supports a stronger bond for your adhesives and will illuminate any glue phenomenon that may occurring from watery eyes. 


*Apply to the base of extension strip prior to application, apply as needed. (a little goes along way)




Our Lush Bomb Adhesive is our fastest drying adhesive at .05-1 seconds. Works with both classic and volume. If you are looking for a fast drying glue or if you are an advanced lash artist this adhesive is for you!! low fumes, medium viscosity, killer retention and latex free!


This adhesive works best in 30-60 humidity range and 69-77 degree temps.

-.05 second drying 

-medium viscosity

-black in color 

-30-60 humidity range

-69-77 degree temps

-6-7 week retention



-after opening store in our Adhesive Container

-unopened- store in a cool place.


-ethyl cyanoacrylate, PMIMA, Carbon black



-this adhesive is for professional use only!

-shake for one minute before each use.



Our Seal The Deal Lash Sealant was designed to help cure the adhesive while keeping the lashes intact and healthy at the same time. Seal The Deal not only creates a super bond it also nourishes the NL giving them a more charming and luxurious look!


How to use:

Seal The Deal and should be applied with a micro-swab to the base of the extensions with MINIMAL product. Keep only at the base of the extension and do not brush into fans. Used as the last step of service it can also be sold to clientele as an aftercare item to use!





*save $13!